Creating your own app can cost you anywhere between Rs 5-20 lac depending on the complexity. There are many complexities of making your own app. It’s not as easy as creating your own website. Even if you create your own app, consumers don’t like to download individual apps.

go’mobishop has solved this problem by giving businesses an App within minutes and giving consumers an App through which they can access 1000s of Apps. Businesses can manage their own App without any external help & without knowing any technology.

Read more to know about how you can get your App up and running within a few minutes.


Creating My Mobishop

  1. Why is Mobishop better than an individual App?
  2. Which plan is right for me?


Setting Up My Mobishop

  1. Edit products / services
  2. Edit price of products / service
  3. I have a large catalog of products. Is there any bulk upload option?


Accepting Online Payments

  1. Enable Online Payments for my business?
  2. Online payment gateway charges
  3. When will I get money in my bank? What is the settlement period?
  4. How can I request for a payment?
  5. How can I send a receipt to my customers?


Marketing My Mobishop

  1. Where do my customers download my App from?
  2. How will my customers get to know about my App?
  3. Will I get new leads for my business on this platform?
  4. How do I share my offers with my customers?
  5. What Marketing support do I get?
  6. What is the Rewards Points Program?

About go’mobishop

  1. What is a Mobishop & go’mobishop?
  • A Mobishop is like an app, without all the headache associated with getting your own app. It doesn’t create individual apps for businesses. Instead it helps businesses create a Mobishop. A Mobishop is an app within the go’mobishop. Imagine go’mobishop to be like a mall which has millions of Mobishops. Consumers prefer visiting a mall to visiting individual shops that are scattered all over the city. However, a Mobishop is your business’ individual identity — it’s as good as your own app. go’mobishop just charges a fixed fee to help you get a Mobishop.

go’mobishop Partner App: Businesses use it to edit and make changes to their Mobishop.

go’mobishop: Consumers download it to access Mobishops of many businesses.

Creating My Mobishop

  1. How is Mobishop better than an individual App?
  • Cost: A basic app will cost you anywhere between Rs. 5-20 lac. It comes with large maintenance expenses.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining an app is an additional overhead which a lot of businesses do not consider while building their own app. With a App, businesses can save a lot of time and lac every year.
  • Customer Inclination: A customer may not like to download individual apps for every business they interact with. However, since your App is in the go’mobishop, you won’t face such a problem.
  • Your Icon on Mobile Screen: With a App, you also get your business logo on the mobile screen of your customer. Once your customer adds your App on the go’mobishop, a shortcut of your logo gets added to their home screen. When they click on your logo, it opens your App!


  1. How do I decide which plan is right for me?
  • Depending on your business requirement you can choose any growth package that suits you best. Many businesses have created their App on go’mobishop. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Setting Up My Mobishop

Heres a detailed feature list for the go’mobishop Partner App.

  1. How can I add / edit my list of products / services?
  • By using go’mobishop Partner App you can easily add & edit your product / service list. From your Dashboard, click on: Catalog › Products / Services > Edit the product or service.
  • You can add new items to the product list, upload an image and put them in appropriate category or remove existing items.


  1. How can I change the price of items in my product / service list?
  • To edit the prices / description / image of an item, please click on Catalog › Manage Products / Services. Here, you can click on the item, choose edit and make pricing changes. It’s that simple!


  1. I have a large catalog of products. Is there a bulk upload option?
  • Yes, you can get a bulk upload of product / service list by mailing your list to contact@gomobishop.com. Please note that this facility is not available during the trial period.

Accepting Online Payments

  1. How can I enable Online Payments for my business?
  • go’mobishop offers different payment options within the app which allows the customers to pay online through the app.


  1. What is the online payment gateway charge?
  • go’mobishop doesn’t charge any gateway payment, the service provider of the payment gateway may charge you as per their standard charges.


  1. When will I get money in my bank? What is the settlement period?
  • go’mobishop pays the merchants twice a month for all transactions occurring in the following period mentioned below.
    After 15th of every month and once before the month ends.


  1. How can I request for a payment?
  • go’mobishop will collect payments from your customers on merchant’s behalf & transfer it during the mentioned time period


  1. How can I send a receipt to my customers?
  • go’mobishop will automatically send receipts to your customers on merchant’s behalf.

Marketing My Mobishop

  1. Where do my customers download my App from?
  • go’mobishop helps you create a App which is inside the go’mobishop (Customer App). Customers can interact, place orders and Pay you online using your App on this platform
  • Your App will NOT be visible on Google PlayStore or iOS App store as it is not an individual app. Your customers have to download the go’mobishop and find your App on it to access your business. However, once they add your App on go’mobishop, your logo gets added to the mobile screen of your customer as a shortcut!


  1. How will my customers get to know about my App?
  • go’mobishop has made it extremely easy for you to let your customers know about your App. You can share your app link by different mediums Social Media, Print Media & Broadcast Media.


  1. Will I get new leads for my business on go’mobishop?
  • go’mobishop does not provide leads. It provides you a platform to help you cater to your own customers online.


  1. How do I share my offers with my customers?
  • You list your current offers on your App by writing to contact@gomobishop.com. On approval, we will enable your offers and share them with your customers. We will soon have a way for you to upload the offers yourself.


  1. What Marketing support do I get?
  • We can send you branding material to help you inform your in-store customers / clients about your App.
  • We will notify your customers about special offers and events.
  • Reward Points Program — Retain customers by rewarding them on every transaction at your business.


  1. What is the Reward Points Program?
  • The Reward Points feature allows you to reward customers so they can keep repeating with you. These Reward Points can only be used at your business.
  • go’mobishop offers Reward Points to your customers — which they can redeem in later transactions with your business.

go’mobishop has always envisioned a world where a direct connect between businesses and consumers can be established. We believe that businesses are in the best position to cater to their customers. All they need is the technology to enable this interaction. That’s where we come in. Good luck with your online journey!

Media Kit

Create your Mobishop in just 5 minutes with your brand name & logo

Your Mobishop will appear as an individual app by creating its shortcut on customers mobile

Customers can easily access your Mobishop on the featured page

Customers can access multiple Mobishops together without closing your shop

Share & Aware your customers about your products through go’mobishop App

GO Unified Cart lets your customers buy from you & other shops through the same cart

Easy interaction with customers through go’mobishop

Flexible & Convenient payment options for your customers

go’mobishop offers reward points to your customers so that they keep coming back to your Mobishop

It saves lots of time & money



You probably just created your Mobishop and want to start inviting your customers to buy from you directly. Here’s some advice:


Contents of page

  • Share your App with customers
  • How your customers can use your App
  • Tips to market your App through go’mobishop
  • Download branding material
  • Contact us


Share your App with customers
go’mobishop allows you to share your Mobishop through different mediums directly from the App.


How your customers can use your App

  1. View Menu: If your business has a menu, your customers can view the menu and get an understanding of your offering & prices. Each menu item can have an associated picture of the product/service. Customers can use the menu to place an order.
  2. Pay on app: Your customers can now pay you on the app itself (assuming you’ve enabled online payments on go’mobishop). They can either pay you using a credit / debit card, net banking or via cash on delivery. Your customer is offered every flexibility they’d love.
  3. Pay before or after: Customers are given the flexibility to pay either before or after delivery — whatever your business would like to offer as a service.
  4. Get Offers: You can notify your existing customers with offers. The offers can also be viewed by potential customers when they view your App on go’mobishop.


Tips to Market your App through go’mobishop

  • SMS: You can send out your businesses’ App link as an SMS to all your customers and invite them to start placing orders and paying you online on the go’mobishop. You can try companies like RouteSMS or SMSjunction to send out bulk SMS’.
  • E-mail: You can e-mail your customer database about your App on go’mobishop. You can use e-mail marketing tools like Mailchimp to send out these e-mails. If you have a database that’s larger than 2000 then you can try out NetCore or similar such services to send out these e-mails.
  • WhatsApp: If you’d like to share your App with a few select customers, you can do it using WhatsApp as well.
  • Social Media: If you have a Facebook / Twitter / Instagram page, you can update your page and inform your customers about your app presence by sharing your App link with them.
  • Shop branding: If you have a physical outlet, you can inform your existing & new customers about your App on go’mobishop.