What can I do with my Gomobishop?

Your brand in customer pocket

Mobishop is your mobile identity. With go’mobishop you get an iOS app, Android app and a free website that’s optimized for the desktop & mobile.

Change the way you appear online

It’s very easy to edit your Mobishop. You can use the Go Partner App to make these changes.

Invite your customers

It’s super easy to invite your new & existing customers to check out your Mobile app and your Website with multiple invite options in Mobishop

Build customer database

Go Partner App lets you reach out customers with new updates / offers effectively through notifications. This way you can save on SMS & e-mail costs.

Show your catalog online

Customers are looking for your products. Make it available online easily by adding and editing it on the Go Partner App.

Retain your customers

You can share reward points with your customers & get them to come back to you again and again.

Collect online payment

Mobishop is the easiest way to collect online payments because of different secure methods & secure gateways available.

Take orders online

You can accept orders from your customers easily now. They can view your products & place orders through your Mobishop App or Website and pay you online as well.

Q&A with Hiba

What is a Mobishop?
Mobishop is a mobile commerce platform which enable retailers to launch full featured mobile apps in a few hours without heavy budget or technical expertise.
Interesting. But what do these Mobishops do?
Well these Mobishops are ready to go mobile applications with very rich functionality by which you can sell anywhere anytime.
Can you tell me about some specific features?
You can upload your business profile, upload product details, accept online payments, geo fencing, location based push notifications, view analytics, loyalty reward points etc.
Do you know how much it could cost to make your own app?
I’m not sure. Can you tell me?
They can cost anywhere between $20k – $50k + monthly fee charged by developers to make, manage & market – depending on the complexity.
Really! Apps are that expensive, How come?
Apps can take anywhere between 3-6 months to create. You have to find a designer who will create your app designs. Share this with developers and then keep hand holding them till they deliver your app. Android and iOS developers are in huge demand and command high salaries.
I’m curious. How are Mobishops so cheap when apps are so expensive?
Apps are expensive because developers work specifically for your requirement. go’mobishop has understood the generic requirements most business retailers have and created a platform that comes pre-packaged with these components.
Why should I choose mobishop to create my mobile app?
Consumers don’t like downloading apps of individual businesses. Customers just have to download the go’mobishop and search for your brand. They can then add a shortcut of your mobile app to their mobile screen and use it easily to buy from you.
But where is my company branding if customers download go’mobishop?
Your mobile app has your company’s branding. go’mobishop is just a wrapper. When customers opens your mobile store on this platform , they see your company’s logo.
What can I do with my Mobishop?
Imagine adding up the powers of a mobile app + website. That’s what a Mobishop can do for your business.
What makes go’mobishop different?
We are unlike other marketplaces available.
Hiba, can you tell me how I can get started with my mobile app?
You can create your mobile app in just 4 simple steps
How can I invite my customers?
We have provided various ways to help you invite your customers. You can either share app’s link on brands website,online store,social media, whatsapp, sms etc so they download your mobile app through that link.
Now I completely understand what Mobishop is. Thanks a lot Hiba!