• What is GomobiShop?

    It is an online & mobile shopping platform exclusively designed for lifestyle & fashion retail businesses. GomobiShop provides retailers with an opportunity to showcase and sell their collections to new customers via 4 different sales channels - two mobile and two online marketplaces.

  • I already have an online store optimized for mobile devices. So, is this for me as well?

    Yes. GomobiShop creates tremendous value for all fashion businesses; especially those already having their online stores, social media presence or selling through other websites. It provides additional sales and promotion channels that connect you with more customers.

  • How are GoMobishop online platforms are different from existing shopping platforms?

    GoMobishop: Your own branded shop inside a developing shopping ecosystem organically growing your customer base. Existing platforms: Your profile at a platform full of brands and competitors fighting for promotion and taking away your customers on a daily basis.

  • Interesting, but what is unique about GoMobishop online & mobile?

    GoMobishop offers content style shopping experience, allowing customers to discover and buy your products while reading an article or watching a fashion show.

  • What is a mobile marketplace?

    This is a growing market and a whole new shopping experience for brands and customers - every GomobiShop merchant will have his own mobile app. This is where things get interesting – it is not expensive!

  • Do you know how much money it would cost if I wanted to create my own mobile app?

    The market cost of an app is anywhere between Rs. 15-35 lacs. Furthermore, marketers and developers usually charge an additional monthly fee of around 1 lac to develop, manage & market a mobile app. GomobiShop is much cheaper, almost free.

  • Why I should choose GomobiShop to create my mobile app?

    It is a unique shopping ecosystem allowing merchants to affordably grow their business and connect with more customers. Instead of downloading multiple apps, customers just need to download GomobiShop mobile app and search for their favorite brand, create a shortcut on their mobile screen, and smoothly purchase their merchandise.

  • But where is my company branding if customers download a GomobiShop mobile app?

    GomobiShop is just like a gift package containing your brand. When customers discover and open your mobile store within a GomobiShop mobile app, they will see your company’s logo. Moreover, they can easily create a shortcut for your brand as an app on their mobile phone.

  • What makes GomobiShop financially unique?

    GomobiShop allows you to sell your merchandise in Pakistan and UK through four unique sales channels that are not found anywhere else on the market - branded store at online marketplaces in UK and PK with presence at both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

  • Can you tell me how I can get started and create my mobile app?

    You can create your mobile app in a few simple steps by logging on to www.GoMobishop.com and provide basic business information.

  • How can I invite my existing customers to my GomobiShop store?

    You can share a link to your GomobiShop marketplace via WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS, or post it on your website, online store, social media accounts etc. so that your customers can download your mobile app.

  • Why is a mobile app so important for fashion business?

    Nearly 70% online orders are recorded on mobile platforms in Pakistan. A customer can use your mobile app in multiple ways: to view your product or service details, contact you, order your merchandise, or pay you online. Meaning, it can be used for informative purposes, communication or commerce – whatever the customer prefers.

  • What can I do with a mobile app?

    There are multiple features that you can use and enjoy and all of them are included within your own branded mobile app - sales & promotion, loyalty programs, customer reports, push notifications (send messages to your customers based on their location) etc. The opportunities are endless.

  • How can GomobiShop compete with other marketplaces and provide more value to its users?

    GomobiShop is a hassle-free platform where users don’t have to worry about marketing and maintenance costs. This allows fashion brands to focus on sales while GomobiShop takes care of everything - from operations to logistics. Try to use it and you will see that there is no one else like GomobiShop on the market.


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